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My yellowish teeth call for dentist now…

With Auntie Agatha,,, Tel: 08054500626
Dear Agatha,
My problem started when I was young when my white teeth started changing to yellow. I thought it was a joke but I got it wrong.
Now I can’t look at it in the mirror because of the state of my dentition. I am really confused.
I am very handsome and have a very lovely girlfriend. I have gone to see a dentist and he told me the only solution is bleaching of my teeth and he doesn’t have the products. I live and work in Delta State and dying gradually of depression. I need your help Agatha. Help me with contacts and solution. I shall forever be grateful to you.


From Agatha:
Dear CY,
If your challenge is that of just yellow teeth and not that you have mouth odour, I am told it isn’t a serious medical condition. Although not too pleasant a sight, but you will require some level of personal confidence to manage this problem without allowing it to affect you psychologically. The moment you give people around you a reason to make you feel inferior, they will do everything and anything to ensure you never recover your dignity again; so be careful the kind of reaction you put up. Irrespective of what the colour of your teeth is, learn to build your confidence. This is important.
I am told that though nature sometime is the cause of yellow teeth but we are mostly to blame for the problem. Dentin is the layer just below the tooth’s enamel, and it has a natural yellow hue. When a person’s tooth enamel isn’t well mineralised, that is lacks the essential nutrients; the enamel becomes translucent and the yellow of the dentin shows through. This condition can often be corrected by advanced whitening techniques, which your dentist alluded to.
If your problem started when you were young, according to the dentist I spoke with on your behalf, it could be you were given large amounts of anti-biotic known as tetracycline during the period your enamel was still forming. This anti-biotic commonly used by parents to treat stomach upsets and other irritations, can cause the teeth to become yellowish brownish or grayish. It can become permanent like yours.
She continues that as people get older, teeth can become yellow from years and years of stains piercing the enamel which overtime gets thinner, allowing more of the dentin to show through and creating a yellow appearance.
Also if as a child or an adult one failed to pay the right attention to your oral hygiene, brushing regularly to rid the teeth of strains on the surface of the teeth, yellow teeth could result. And unfortunately once the enamel has been strained, it becomes a permanent condition.
Certain foods we eat can permanently stain the teeth overtime. Coffee is one of the main culprits of yellow, stained teeth. Smokers too are liable to having yellow teeth. Cigarettes contain chemicals that leave large amount of residue on smoker’s teeth. Nicotine and tar cause the worst staining. Cigarettes that have high amounts of tar and nicotine will leave teeth yellow. Some of the herbal local brews, a lot of people are taking these days, also cause the teeth to change colour because of the roots they are made from. The dyes of some of these roots can be very stubborn and almost impossible to remove from the teeth.
It is a matter of you knowing what kinds of food or drink to avoid because even if you chemically clean your teeth, you continue in your old way, overtime the teeth would still change colour.
In addition to improving your personal hygiene by brushing your teeth at least twice daily, go back to your dentist. He is in the best position to make the right recommendations for you. Let him tell you the kind of chemicals he uses to bleach the teeth back to white. If you are not satisfied you can get a second opinion from any government hospital or qualified dentist in the area you stay.
If you are not sure how to proceed, go to the general hospital nearest to you. The medical team you meet there will direct you on whom to meet.
On your own, I am told, chewing sugarless gum between brushings can also help ward off yellow teeth. Using whitening strips several times a year is a good preventive measure. Since I don’t stay in Delta State, I don’t know if there is any highbrow hospital that has a modern dentistry. If there is, and the state of your dentition too embarrassing for you to handle, you may want to consider laser bleaching. I am told it is still very expensive here.
There are also less expensive but effective chemical preparations you could try. Befriend your dentist and listen to whatever he tells you. What you need is the patience to follow through with whatever professional advice he gives you.

Good luck.

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