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When vagina needs a 'tightening'

by Nkarenyi Ukonu - Nigeria

A corrective vaginal surgery used to be a domain of women with vaginal 'structural defects'. Nowadays, it is often seen as purely a cosmetic treatment which can make the genital part of the body look much younger, feel much tighter and of course, more attractive.

Apart from these, it is believed that it also improves a woman's self esteem, represent solution to some aesthetic and aging problems and a way out of anxiety, depression and psychological stress.
There are basically two methods of correcting this supposed anomaly: through vaginoplasty, a reconstructive and corrective plastic surgery procedure for correcting the defects and deformities of the vaginal canal, its mucous membrane, and of vulvo-vaginal structures that might be absent or damaged because of some congenital diseases or acquired disease such as cancer.

The other method, vaginal rejuvenation is a non-reconstructive vaginoplasty that restores the muscle tone and the aesthetics of the vagina by removing excess tissues and tightening the supportive structures of the vulvovaginal complex, in an effort to either reduce or to reverse the effects of aging and child bearing.
Unfortunately, the post-operative outcome of both methods isn't quite palatable. Most of these dangers are not advertised by medical centres, and even when featured, it is only in the documents the woman needs to sign in order to proceed for the surgery. Sometimes the language used is so technical that the average woman cannot properly understand in full, the potential complications of the surgery.

So, before you go for a vaginal tightening, think of these:
1. First the amount of money it would cost for the surgery, is very expensive, and is only available to those that can afford the expense. The price can go up if there are complications with the surgery such as infection or medical errors.
2. Even though it allows for better sexual intercourse, there is usually decreased clitoral and genital sensation.
3. There is the potential health risk of surgical wound infection, tissue adhesions, and even scarring.
4. Sexual intercourse is likely to be very painful.
5. There will be limited vaginal dimension in depth and in width.
6. The surgery is also not 100 per cent effective and it may not work for everyone.
7. After the surgery, the woman needs at least eight weeks of recovery during which she will experience pain and discomfort while sitting and walking. Having sex and running is completely prohibited during these eight weeks.
8. The potential damages are so extreme that it can even cause death.

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