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Good sex depends on balanced nourishment

Written by Funmi Akingbade - Nigeria

Sexual prowess, velocity, and satisfaction mostly can be a challenge when one wants to go for more than two rounds at a go, especially at old age. Many men regardless of their libido as they get older still find their performance just below average. Their challenge might just be diet-related.
It is globally acknowledged that food and drink play significant roles in defining our total health and of course, our sexual agility.

What some men eat has affected them to the point that their sexual health cannot be redeemed. Most of the foods many men enjoy eating are at the root of major life-threatening sexual diseases and illnesses. Contrary to popular opinion, old age is not a disease, nor is the reason for the sexual challenges many men are plagued with. So, instead of blaming your inability to perform well on old age, take a good preview and review on your lifestyle, especially your eating habit.

Research has come up with statistics that whatever a man or woman eats from age one to age 50 will definitely be what will affect their entire health and total well-being for the rest of their lives. The entire well-being here includes every aspect of life, and amazingly the most affected organs for men are the heart, liver, penis and the prostrate. And the most popular five complaints of men are either hypertension, diabetes, erectile dysfunction or prostrate abnormalities. While that of the women are fibroid, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and breast cancer. It is therefore important to eat and drink the right kind of food at the right time of the day. Let our food be our sexual enhancer, energiser and medicine.

It is a remarkable fact that the constituency of natural plant base is actually the constituency of the human body. It is therefore important for us to understand the dynamics of what constitutes a balanced diet. Unfortunately in our culture and many cultures around the world, the so-called civilisation has led to denaturalisation or denaturing of the foods and drinks that human beings consume. And this takes a toll on our sexual enthusiasm. Food processing and preservation methods, which I believe were conceived for noble reasons, have suddenly become an impediment to the human race as far as health, sexuality and disease are concerned. Chemicals used in preserving our food are now causing myriads of diseases and sexual inability.

What we eat and what we refrain from should be focused on total wellness, good sexual performance and healthy living. The fact still remains that good diet plays a very important role in the sexual and health equation. It helps bail us out of numerous sexual and health challenges if only couples are ready to make necessary changes and adjustment in their diet, eating habit and lifestyle. If they can consider diet and lifestyle changes as part of their health plans, couples will live better, enjoy a healthy sex life and age in grace. Diet and lifestyle changes would definitely serve as preventive measures against sexual and reproductive health diseases.

With good diet, breath exercises, pelvic wall exercise, Kegel exercise and mind control mechanism, couples can handle cases like premature ejaculation, urinary tract infection, weak erection, inflammation of the vulva, inflammation of the prostate gland, unusual redness of the breasts, quick ejaculation, inflammation of the breast, breast lumps, fibroid, impotence, cancer of the prostate gland, cancer of the cervix, cancer of the uterus and obesity.

To be candid, the only natural thing about a couple's sexual life is for the married partners to enjoy good sexual relationship to the end of their marital union.
For better sexual health, foods rich in potassium, antioxidant, vitamins especially the vitamin 'B' collections still have overwhelming effect on libido.

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Questions and Answers Funmi Akingbade
Owen Peters:
I can't get my penis up
I am a very healthy and fit man and I've been sexually active since I was 15. Now, I am in my early 30's; I do a regular medical cheek-up every four months but shamefully, I have lost count of many women who refuse to put up with me all because I can't get my penis up. During sex, I will have to hold my penis tight with my fingers like a ring just to make it strong enough for erection. Are there other reasons penis can't get up? Help I am dying gradually.

Sometimes when a man has serial sexual partners, there may be the possibility of being intimidated especially when he is overwhelmed with the feeling that he needs to perform a little more than usual. This is a major reason why you may lose erection as a healthy man. If you've been drinking heavily, there's a good chance your penis might not be able to perform. Besides, online porn is probably the greatest hidden contributor to bedroom ED, because of overuse or over indulgence of it. If you are the type that is addicted to porn and masturbating several times a day, however healthy you may be, you may likely end up not having erection. It may happen if your mind is clouded with issues of life or feeling guilty about something. This aspect of mental instability paralyses a man more than anything else, regardless of the high state of wellbeing.

Tricia Seiseiko

Will my sexual desires change during pregnancy?
I am a new wed and one of my husband's usual statements is that he does not only love sex but will be making love to me even while I am pregnant to the last stage of delivery. This is okay by me but my fear is his obsession. Supposing my sexual desire changes during pregnancy, does that mean he will be unfaithful? He has actually threatened that if I am not very responsive, he will have to seek for sex anyhow.

It is normal for your desires to be different now that you are pregnant. Changing hormones cause some women to experience an increased sex drive during pregnancy. But others may not be as interested in sex as they were before they became pregnant.
As much as sex is important in a marriage relationship, especially in a new union, it is important for your husband to know that sex is not the relationship alone. Sex is a powerful statement of love that deepens marital commitment and rekindles excitement; it is designed to exist within certain boundaries. The husband should be more caring when his wife is pregnant with their child. Every act of sex outside of marriage cheapens both sex and marriage. If there is a need for him to stay off sex for sometime during your pregnancy, I think he should happily do that. This is not as if he is to abstain from basic life necessities, such as eating or drinking or breathing. Sex is something everyone can abstain from-it is a strong desire, yes, but never a necessity.

Okon Evan

My penis size worries me
My wife has contemptuously and disdainfully compared my sexual prowess to the size of my penis. It is becoming unbearable even after contemplating some crazy stuff to sexually satisfy her, she just believes I am not big enough for her.

One of the reasons many ladies behave this way may be because the man kept the size of the penis as a secret while they were in courtship. Many ladies are of the opinion that if they were aware of the actual size of their husbands' penis, they would have been prepared for the eventuality. However, penis size should not be mistakenly equated with sexual prowess. Interestingly, this mistake is made by men more often than women in their lives. It will be interesting to know that the vagina is a very elastic environment through which a baby can pass, yet it's one that easily retains a tampon. In other words, it tightly accommodates whatever it surrounds. So the size is more of a mindset myth than a reality. Second, about three-quarter of women don't reach orgasm by penetrative sex alone, no matter the size of the inserted object, either as big as the head of a baby penis or as small as the index finger. Many of these women still prefer direct clitoral stimulation.
For instance, if your wife can experiment with several dildos of different sizes and insert them while she is blindfolded, she might actually not be able to detect the difference between five and seven inches especially if she has been thoroughly caressed to pre-orgasmic stage. If that be the case, try talking her into the fact that you are equal to her sexual demands and prove it with every other penis aids.

What does it mean to be a sexual long woman?
I am a Nigerian, engaged to be married to an Ugandan man. Things went on smoothly until recently when he said his people would disapprove of our marriage until I become a 'long woman.' I tried to make him explain the meaning of a 'long woman to me but he insists I should seek interpretation from sex councillors. Please, what does it mean to be a 'long woman?'

In Uganda, long woman simply means a lady that has undergone a clitoris pull.
This is a procedure whereby a lady has to undergo a process of pulling of the clitoris daily by an elderly woman called a 'Sengai.' The clitoris is pulled daily till it gradually stretches out and increases in size to at least three inches or more sometimes. Traditionally, it is said to give more pleasure to both husband and wife during sexual union. When the clitoris is long, it does not only increase the arousal of the woman and helps her to achieve a better and pleasant orgasm, it also rubs on the mans' penis each time he is thrusting in and out. Many men ascertain that it gives them untold sexual pleasure. Besides, it also constitutes a toy for the man while engaging in foreplay. Many Ugandan men prefer a woman whose clitoris has undergone the pulling because these women easily get aroused and men do not have to go through the rigour of helping the women get in the mood. The long clitoris helps women to get wet on time. Maybe the family of the man is just waiting for you to know what goes on in the family and since you are going to be a part of them, you should also be a part of the tradition; there is no big deal. But there have been cases where the clitoris would be so long to the extent of constituting a nuisance during normal vaginal delivery and sometimes it may be so long and can even enter the baby's eyes during child birth.

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