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Places to get life partners

Written by Peter Okeugo

Mr. Right does not always show up with roses at your doorsteps. Neither will Miss Right sprout from the soil. You have to position yourself to be noticed. Where? How?

Shopping mall
Give up the habit of shopping at smaller supermarkets; rather, opt for shopping malls. One strategic way of being spotted by a potential lover is to identify what he or she may be likely to shop for and hang around there. A man can hang around a wig or hair extension shop, while ladies can visit menswear section to be spotted.

Volunteer organisation
Volunteering can be a fast card to walking down the aisle sooner than later. Humanitarian organisations like those in charge of the elderly, health awareness groups or social activism groups are usually in need of volunteers. Volunteer on weekend when you have less work to do. This develops your ability for social interaction too.

Beach/swimming pools
Beaches and swimming pools are attractive spots for relaxation. When going to a beach, dress the part and have fun.

Place of worship
Never be in a hurry to run home when the service is over; instead take time to exchange pleasantries with people. Also, engage in one arm of the volunteer groups.

Bored and you have nowhere to go? Hang at an eatery. You do not have to wait for someone before you give yourself that treat. While you are at it, do not exude an uptight aura that would scare potential suitors away from you. Smile and politely respond when someone wants to share table with you. Be confident, strike up a good conversation but keep it cordial on first occasions.

If you are not a movies lover, some cinemas have bars and spots where to sit and drink. Cinemas attract all kinds of people on a daily basis. When less busy, hanging at a cinema is no bad idea.

It may not happen deliberately, but countless relationships have evolved from first time meetings at the airports or on flights. When on a flight, comport yourself; you never know who is watching you.

Bus stop/junction
You may have your comfortable car, but there is no laid-down rule that says you have to drive it always. Why not leave the car at home sometimes, and walk to the bus stop on your way to work? The number of singles, who are in the neighbourhood, will amaze you.

Social media platforms
It's good to go on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Internet platforms to meet people. But be careful. Never give information about yourself to strangers and make sure you know that person well before agreeing to meet at any open place.

Workplace romance still happens. Your colleague could be the best person to strike up a good relationship with.

Never fail to honour invites. Countless singles have met their dream spouses at birthday parties or weddings. However, do not attend parties for the sole purpose of getting picked up by someone. Do not show yourself as being needy or desperate. Always keep an open mind.
Where I met my spouse

Precious: I met him on Twitter. I can't remember who followed who first, but I remember he put up a picture of his apartment and I commented without knowing who he was. He thanked me and we got talking. We moved the conversation from twitter to phone, then to Skype. I was in Ireland, came to Nigeria for Christmas and we met in person.
- Precious is married to William Orioha, a.k.a 2shotz, a rap artiste

Sammie: I met my wife at a concert in London when I went to for a music ministration at KICC. She was with her elder sister who invited her for the programme.
- Sammie Okposo, a gospel artiste, is married to Ozioma

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