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Germs in the home

Written by Anino Aganbi
~Vanguard, Nigeria. Thursday, March 17, 2016

IN every home around the globe, mothers always tend to take special care in creating a good hygienic home for their children, with emphasis on toddlers and infants. Yet, no matter how squeaky clean your home may be or how many times you disinfect your floor while cleaning because of babies who are at the crawling stage, facts show that there are still places unknown to humans where germs delight in hiding.
Many hand sanitizers and disinfectants on the market claim that they "kill 99.99% of germs" or "kill germs on contact." But they fail to explain what really needs to be cleaned and how often.

Some places where germs can be found in the home.

The kitchen sink: like most places in the home, germs find it easy to breed in kitchen sinks if you are fond of not cleaning up properly.

TV remote and controllers: This object is often held by all and sundry and is easily put in the mouth by any child thereby transferring germs.

Floors: No matter how much you disinfect your floors, there are still some germs that find their way around.

Shoes: You think your shoes are safe? Germs attach themselves to the insole of shoes especially if you walk about with your bare feet in the office. This germs end up in your home.

Sponges: Sponges tend to absorb a lot of germs unknown to you.

Toilet seats: if your toilet at home is shared by the general public, then the possibility of your toilet being infected by germs is very high.

Toothbrushes: Germs are spread by toilets being flushed thereby infesting your toothbrush.

Contaminated make up: A lot of people tend to use their hands to apply their make up thereby transferring germs from their hands to the make up and their faces.

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