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Was she sex mad – or was it the drugs?

~Vanguard Nigeria. Sunday, September 17, 2017.

SEX is supposed to be demystified so youths don't feel guilty for taking part in something that follows naturally when you're in love – and you're sure you're loved back. These days, you hear and see clips of sexual encounters that make your toes curl! Mahmud, 32 and his current girlfriend Julie were to join another couple for a weekend drinking spree when he wished he never agreed to an evening that turned out to be a disaster. "The couple were Anna and Thomas.

Thomas is a cousin and Anna an ex-girlfriend he was now dating,"explained Mahmud.

"Anna had always been sex mad and didn't mind who she hurt as long as she had regular sex. After a string of infidelity,1 decided to cut my loses. But it didn't take her long to hitch on to Thomas who was six years her junior. And she had no qualms dating him. She loved to flaunt her toyboy and they'd been together nine months. As soon as we got to Anna's flat, she was locked in red-hot kisses with Thomas. 'I can't keep my hands off him, ' she bragged whilst he looked embarrassed.

What made things even more uncomfortable for me was that Anna was my ex. We'd dated as teenagers for over two years until I realised she'd gone through most of my friends. But I wasn't jealous, I was glad she was out of my life.

"She continued with groping the poor boy. 'I can't wait to get you naked,' she whispered, loud enough for us to hear. 'Then looking directly at me, she licked her lips. I could see Julie was annoyed. 'Why don't you take things upstairs?' she said coldly. Anna took that as a cue to pull Thomas toward the bedroom. Then all went really quiet. 'Do you still fancy her'?' Julie wanted to know after they'd disappeared. 1 assured her Anna was the least of my problems. All of a sudden, the bed began to creak. Then the creaks became bangs – the headboard crashing against the wall. Muffled groans and squeals drifted from the bedroom.

It was so funny we burst out laughing. Did they have no shame? Then an almighty crash rang out, followed by Anna's shout. 'The bed's broken.' she yelled.

Thomas came through the bedroom door, shamed-faced before crashing on the couch. He promptly fell asleep in a drunken state. It wasn't long before Anna rust into the room. We both stared at her, horrified – she was stark-naked! She was waving her arms, her fleshy boobs and buttocks jiggling. We broke the bed!' she repeated proudly. Thomas, poor boy, got up to leave but Anna blocked him, grinning lasciviously.

'You're going nowhere,' she ordered, things are just warming up: Thomas ran for the door but Anna raced after him. But he was already out on the street.

"Were they both on drugs? Anna came back to the flat just as I was making my way to the loo. She came after me and steered me towards the bedroom with Julie my girlfriend gaping at us. I was mildly surprised she could still be interest in me . Julie saved the situation by bursting through the bedroom door. Anna, still stark naked leered at her and asked her to join us for a threesome orgy! 'Not likely', I told her, really mad at her now. 'I don't fancy you: Julie was furious. 'How dare you,' she spat at her, she was still naked, wearing only a smirk. I felt really disgusted as I tried to cover her up with a sheet. Why can't we have a threesome?'

"Poor Julie. I'm sure she'd never seen anything like that in her life.

Neither have I, come to think of it. 'Look, I'm not interested,' I told her, trying to get into her drunken state. Or was it drugs? Turning to

Julie, I told her we were Ieaving. As we walked towards the door, Anna yelled, coming after me with her fists. She was spoiling for a fight and as she hit me a couple of times, I really let her have it. She slumped onto the floor and we used that as an excuse to bolt out of the door. As we left. I saw Thomas weaving his way back to the flat – he couldn't get a taxi. What relief! My last glimpse of her was her still naked on the floor as Thomas tried in vain to get her to put some clothes on .:"

'Lara, however, was sober when she decided to teach her cheating fiance a lesson. She'd just realised he'd been bunking a colleague of his for years. Her opportunity to hit back came when they both went for a birthday party and she got talking to an ex whose girlfriend had to leave because she was feeling a bit under the weather. "Felix my fiance knew nothing of my ex, she said. As I chatted with him, we went outside for some fresh air. Felix was busy arguing with some of his friends over some silly sports. Suddenly, my ex, who didn't know about Felix and I being engaged leant forward to kiss me. I kissed him back. I was thrilled as his hand moved up and under my dress. I was glad I wasn't wearing any trousers as he unzipped his trousers. No one could see us where we were. It was delicious revenge for everything Felix had put me through .

After the sex, we both straightened our clothes. That was good,' Felix said. Too good, I told him and as we walked back into the party, we were relieved we hadn't been missed. At the end of the party, my ex asked if we could meet again. We both knew it would have to be in secret behind our partners back. As far as I'm concerned, it's my turn to have fun and I intend to do that for as long as it lasts .:"

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