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Who says the maid can't have what 'madam' is having?!

~Vanguard Nigeria. Sunday, February 24, 2019.

I've known Ado for decades and his insatiable appetite for sex never fails to amaze me. He's been married and has managed to stay married for close to 20years. A few years into his marriage, he rushed into my office, bursting with excitement. "I had the most amazing sex of my life yesterday", he told me as soon as we were alone. His wife was pregnant with their second child and I wondered how the poor woman could have performed the feat for which he was now proud. "Not with my wife of course," he said, looking at me as if I were some sort of a clod, "with a woman I ran into at a party. You should see her; gorgeous and eager to make friends, she'd come to the party with two of her friends but seemed to e really interested n what I had to say. I told her I was married and she said she was too - and a mother of three. So where was her husband? I didn't come with my wife either and I wasn't really interested in what her husband looked like - all I wanted was her. 

"When I told her I would love us to meet up sometime, she said she was an events planner, she was planning a wedding reception that weekend on the grounds of a posh hotel and was saying in one of the rooms to make sure things went according to plan. I could look in if I felt like it. We exchanged phone numbers and I couldn't sleep for the anxiety. Come the Friday she said she would check into the hotel I told my wife I was off to a stag night party; it was the safest excuse I could give her. If I didn't strike gold, I could come home early. If I did I would have this ready story for I was too drunk to drive. My wife's pregnancy was advanced an she couldn't be bothered what I did as long as I left her to rest. This lady's hotel room reeked of seduction.

"I knew I'd really got lucky. She was so relaxed about the whole thing, she made our being alone in a room for the first time feel like the most natural thing in the world. We had a few drinks and some snacks she'd brought from home. Then spent the next few hours having the most fantastic sex. I hadn't had sex with my pregnant wife for a long time that I wasted no time at all, but she was really matured about it as we both pleasured each other until I felt ready again.

"It was better than winning the jackpot as we did it in positions I didn't even know existed. I never knew sex could be so intoxicating. She never took her hands off me throughout the night and when I finally got home in the early hours, I was so knackered that I didn't wake up until mid-day. My poor wife thought I was nursing a hangover. I relieved the sex I just had over and over again and became so randy that I pounced my wife. Poor thing! She must have missed sex too as she fell grateful into my arms. But it was this new woman I thought of while it lasted. I longed to see her body under mine once again.

"When I called her later in the day, her phone was switched off. She was probably at the wedding and I waited till the next day to call her. No reply. As I speak now, I haven't a clue where she lives and where to got hole of her. Obviously, all she wanted was a no-strings-attached sex and a married man like me filled the bill. I'm sure she has a lot of sim cards she inserts into her phone when she's on the prowl and simply tosses them away when she's through with her catch…" I told him he should count himself lucky for having he privilege of being used by a woman who wanted nothing else from him but his prowess! Since this incident, he's so regaled me with tales of his sexual exploits that I wonder what his wife thinks of her randy husband. We were having a chat at an out-door party not long after when he pointed to a waitress and said she looked like the new maid the wife just got. I looked at the waitress and I sort of sensed what would happen next - pretty and light complexioned; she was flirty too and got tips from flattered men.

Months later, Ade was back in my office. "I have a poser for you", he told me. I was all ears. "You know that new maid we just took in? A few nights ago, as I tip-toed into our bedroom, I saw her fast asleep on the mat she usually sleeps on in the parlour which is slightly lit by the front door lights. Her wrapper was off her as she must have thrashed about so much in the night. But you would see her breasts, her skin and her young healthy body! As I slept near my wife, I couldn't get the image of the maid off my head. So I sneaked back into where she was still sleeping and gently prodded her, she was out like a light I swiftly had sex with her and rushed back to my wife, she didn't even move a muscle! I've repeated the act a few more times and the same thing happened.

"She wasn't a virgin of course, but there is nothing to beat having sex with a young, taut body. I've wriggled around a bit to let her know what was going on - still nothing. My question is, do you think she's pretending? I mean, how could I be bonking her without her acknowledging my presence? I would love to show her appreciation by doing things for her. I give her money from time to time when she does chores for me, but I would love to do more".

Like what, I wanted to know? Did it eve occur to him the girl could get pregnant? What happened if his wife cottoned on to his escapade and caught him red-handed? "My wife sleeps like a log once she hits the bed", he told me, "and as for unwanted pregnancy., I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!". The housemaid lasted a couple of yeas an was replaced by an ugly one who had a terrible body odour. I heaved a sigh of relief. Ade's poor wife, now a mother of tree, didn't deserve the humiliation of discovering her husband was having it off with the maid. Unfortunately, Ade is one randy leopard who's not ready to change his spots.

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