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What do girls look for in guys?

Written by Yetunde Arebi
Hi, it is a fact that nature so designed that the male and female species be attracted to each other. This is the beginning of the reproductive process, particularly in both man and animal.
But, what attracts a woman to a man?
What does a woman look for in a man which prompts her to accept his advances.

Onozure Dania takes a look at this question and concludes that a lot has to do with appearance.

Lilian, (38), Banker, says she will go for personality.
Well, each girl has different taste. Some girls go for looks, some go for personality. I’ll go for personality. Specifically, how nice they are, how they treat others, and someone who will not turn their back on me. If you really want to know what your girl goes for, you’ll have to ask her or maybe her friends will have some idea too.
I like a guy who makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the room. He must be interested in what I do, he must have an inner confidence. He must sort of, have a little bad boy streak, but still be caring, and would look after me. He should make me feel good about myself, but also have his own interests and passions and goals.
He should be able to hold an intelligent conversation, be open minded and funny. He doesn’t need to be classically good looking, but he must definitely need that sex appeal. Like, I can’t resist him and he can’t resist me.

George, (39), Mechanical Engineer, says girls are ignorant and after material things.
What do girls want? Well I’m a guy, and I guess I kind of care about what girls want or else I wouldn’t be here, talking to you. But in my opinion, some of these girls that I see around have gotten some attention and exposure because they are selling something that we are buying, and that’s materialism and ignorance.
If guys control themselves and show a little integrity and dignity, these girls would not have any saying in this. We absolutely make girls the way they are. We let our low self-control take over our thoughts and personality and by doing that we are indirectly telling them that you can sell your body and since we are weak, we will buy it. Which gives them incentive to do it again and again.
I had to go through a couple of relationships to realize that and at 22, I read girls like the back of my hand and no I’m not a jerk. I just really miss the genuine, classy, cute confident girl, not the try hard who puts down others to bring herself up.
I would never date a girl who thinks that she should get into a relationship with a guy so that all her dreams can come true. A girl that can’t stand on her own two feet and is declaring what she wants from a guy needs a reality check and I’m not going to be the one to do that. Life will give her the right reality check.
The only reason why I’m writing this is because there should be a topic about what guys want in girls and I’m sure I’m talking on behalf of the majority of the guys when I say we are not getting at all what we want in girls. How do you expect to get what you want from a guy if you can’t even write a correct sentence and your opinion can be viewed from a mile away as ignorant, and useless.
So, go fix yourselves and stop all these blind optimism. This excludes the classy, beautiful women who are reading this. You know who you are.

Oiza, (39), Sales Manager, believes in unique qualities:
For me, a guy does not need to have a blinding smile plastered on his face everywhere he goes, just to show he is happy with me. Girls want guys who care enough about their appearance to make them stick out different from the rest of the guys around.
His looks, or rather appearance does not have to be expensive, but decent and suitable. He must have a good sense of fashion and distinct style to carry him along. It could be casual as in Jeans and Snickers, it could be formal clothes or sports wear. Anything he is wearing must be suitable.
But gangster looks are out of it for me. Guys who dress this way cannot earn my attention or respect. Even when they have great character traits and may be fun to hang out with, they have already sent out the wrong signals with their mode of dressing which is the first point of contact.
To women, looking like a gangster who is hiding several guns in his shirt is a huge turn off.
See every possible angle you can take your hair that it would still look stylish without being vulgar and brash looking.

Most men, unlike women just walk into shops, pick up clothes that will turn out not suitable at the end of the day. The best thing to do is to copy the women some of the time.
Don’t just rush in and out of the shops, do some shopping. Stay at the store for an hour or so trying on complete sets of clothing combinations and see what works. Trust me, it will be worth the effort at your next party or night out.

Get contacts lenses or more stylish glasses for parties and special outings. Then good dental care is important. Many of my girlfriends tell me their partner’s breathe stink to high heavens, especially when they first wake up in the morning. These women hate it but there is nothing they can do about it because they are already married to these guys.
Honestly, bad breath is a serious put-off for me, and I believe this also goes for a lot of other women out there. Some guys try to take care of their teeth and breathe while courting their spouses, but drop as soon as they are comfortable in their relationships.
So, for me, a decent, clean appearance, good breathe, then good manners are the first signs I watch out for. But once we get even, he must be able to keep my interest and attention with his sexy moves.

Vivian, (32), Physiologist, says its all about confidence:
I like men who are confident in their manner of approach. Men who don’t come up to you like wimps, or someone is about to hit them if they speak their minds.
If you want to walk up to a lady and you are not sure of what her reaction will be, just grab a drink to calm you down. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic drink, just something you feel comfortable with. Holding a glass of water can even do the trick.
A guy should always weigh the options available before walking up to a girl. You don’t have to over prepare, after all, we are not all professors who want to watch out for the dotted 'I's and dashed 'T's.
It’s either a girl will say yes or no to your proposal. If you are turned down, you don’t have to be sour about it.
I hate guys who turn spiteful and mean just because a girl turned them down. Many forget that the same girl who turned you down today, may say yes to you the next day if you are nice about it.
Also, a guy does not have to loose his pride because he got turned down. Think about it, what have you really lost if a girl says no?
Nothing! So just go looking for the next opportunity, its as easy as that. So, its all about confidence. Women hate men who talk too much. Men love women who like nothing more than to talk to them and ask their opinions.

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