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Help! Pastor takes over my friend's wife, home before his return from Spain

By Esteri,

My friend Chijoke is in a mess. He just received the rudest shock of his life. Somehow, he is taking it with a lot of maturity, though one will not wish that one's enemy will go through what my friend is going through.

I used to see Chijoke and his wife as a religious couple, although I must admit that sometimes, I feel their zeal lacks knowledge. This is exactly why I am not absolving him of blame over the way things have turned out in their home.

He has been married to Celestina for five years. They have been living apart for as long as they have been married because my friend works in Spain but his wife visited him once in a while. He had travelled out of the country about eight months after their wedding.

They courted for two years before the wedding, a period during which the then fiancée proved to be fervent spiritually, or so my friend thought. It happened that anytime she prayed with him or for him on any business contract, things turned out with positive results.

This became a great treasure for my friend, who would stop at nothing to make her happy and he vowed to do that all the days of his life.

After they got married, Chijoke kept counting on his wife's prayers and spiritual resourcefulness in his endeavours. They got along well in the marriage until the devil showed up in their matrimonial home.

My friend could not come home often because of the nature of his business, but he made it up by inviting his wife twice a year to Spain.

The woman was very religious; she was always attending one service or the other. If a church convention fell within the period she would visit, the husband willingly called off the visit. The fact that her husband was away and none of his relations stayed with her, however, gave room for destructive tendencies. I was also not in town as work had taken me to another part of Nigeria. So the whole episode came to me as a shock, just as it did to him.

Exactly one year after my friend left, his wife gave birth to a boy and another boy almost a year-and-a-half after. The calculation of my friend was that the wife must have taken in during the one of her visits to Spain; and of course the logic would have been correct.

As earlier mentioned, my friend was almost worshipping this woman; he adored her and made it known to everyone who cared to know.

Things kept working really great for him that he had started thinking of re-uniting with his family after he would have made enough money. Back home, however, and only heavens can tell for how long that had started, the woman was already deep in an affair with another man. The man lives with her in the house that my friend bought for his wife as part of his effort to make her comfortable.

This, my friend found out when he had an opportunity to visit home and chose to make it a surprise homecoming for his darling wife and two sons. The first embarrassment that greeted him as he stepped into the living room was that a man, spotting a loose boxer's shorts, questioned his mission to the house.

He answered that he was the husband of the woman who owned the house, but that turned out an abominable thing to say, speaking from the 'resident' husband's point of view. He snapped and a hot argument ensued. Chijoke soon realised the futility of his effort when the bone of contention, his supposed spiritually fervent wife, surfaced from the inner room.

It turned out that the man was the woman's pastor! My friend's wife made matters worse for him as she broke a heart-rending news. She told my panting friend that the man at home was her husband and that the two children were his, matter of factly!

A big fight, however, followed this revelation. My friend thoroughly beat up the pastor and called in the police to arrest him. The matter is still being investigated.

Poor boy Chijoke had hoped to return to the loving hands of his wife, alas, power had changed hands. What should he do, where does he start from? Please help!

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