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Things that could make your lover dump you

By Kemi Lawal  - Nigeria
Christine dated Jeff for many years. Though she loved him and was willing to end up as his wife, he never proposed to her. He never thought of getting married to any woman! "I was growing older and impatient," she lamented. Then, she devised a trick. "I got pregnant. Maybe I wouldn't have done it if my friend had not pushed me. She urged me to get pregnant because that could make him marry me. Was I shocked when he advised me to abort it? I thought my insistence on not having an abortion would work but he was so furious that he vowed never to marry me! In fact, he denied paternity because he believed he was protected. Despite the fact that he was responsible for his child's upkeep after I had him, Kelvin got married to someone else," Anne said.
Amaka, 27, a youth corper member in Abuja dated Kelvin for some months. Though he toyed with the idea of marriage, he decided dropping it. "It was because of her attitude," he said. What was her sin? "She would talk about in-laws and how they have destroyed homes. Initially, I thought it was the usual women's talk but I took her seriously when she started saying she had always prayed not to have a mother-in-law because they are witches! I asked her if she wanted my mother dead and she apologized. Aside from that, I noticed she would always go cold whenever any of my siblings visited me. I made her realize that my mother was a widow and the only way I could reward her struggles was to get a good wife, who would respect her and not hinder me from taking care of her. Immediately, I knew she was not the kind of girl I wanted and I have started the search for a better partner."

"I thought Ken would continue begging me as usual when I threatened to walk out of our relationship," explained Kate, 29. But she was proved wrong. "The last time I told him I was going back to my old flame in Port-Harcourt, it was like good riddance to bad rubbish! He simply told me good-bye and dropped my call. I have not heard from him since and I understood he was seeing an old flame of his too. Sincerely, not that I went to another man, it was just a threat."
I still cannot explain why an intended partner could speak ill of a mother-in-law-to-be. Why talk carelessly about in-laws when you know your partner is listening? Again never make the mistake of talking ill of his mother/ siblings. Never make your partner feel less important before people. This is because naturally, every creature enjoys attention and making a man feel less important is like a balloon deflated with a pin! In addition, no partner should threaten an exit from the affair. Some ladies are fond of threatening to leave their boyfriends during quarrels that could be resolved later. Once he is accustomed to these threats, he could not take you to be a rolling stone which gathers no moss even when you are dead serious. Moreover, threats weakens a man's heart and on the other hand, he becomes daring of things he should naturally, have concealed from you.

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