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She is my maid, she has taken over my home!

By Nkarenyi Ukonu - Nigeria

Kike was only a primary school certificate holder when she was brought from a village in Ondo State as a maid to the Onabanjo family. Segun Onabanjo, a permanent secretary in the state's ministry of lands, was married to Bimpe Onabanjo, a trained architect and they have two lovely twin children who were in the secondary school - Tolu, a girl and Tunde, a boy
So, getting an extra help was inevitable. The parents had very tight and busy schedules and couldn't cope with the volume of work that was required to keep the home running. They each had a driver to themselves, in addition to another driver specifically to take the children around. There was a cook, and a gardener who also served as the utility man. Now, with Kike around, life became much easier for them.
Kike was immediately put in a high school and even though she was older than most people in her class, she adapted and learned very fast - her intelligence quotient was quite high. She did well in school and worked so well that Bimpe felt at ease to go abroad for a two-year PhD programme. She didn't think twice about it.
Barely three months of being away, Segun began to take an unusual interest in Kike. He wondered why he hadn't noticed that Kike had blossomed right under his roof. He suddenly noticed that she was extremely hardworking, super intelligent and very humane. He made several sexual advances to her, all of which she rebuffed and which ironically further endeared her to him.
He intensified his efforts, promising her heaven and earth but she refused to cave in to his demands. Unfortunately, the pressure became so much that she had to accede to his request. She soon got pregnant and encouraged by Segun, she kept the pregnancy and eventually had to stop school when her stomach couldn't be hidden any longer. She bore Segun a boy and shortly before his wife came back home from her study leave, Kike was already pregnant with another child!
It was of course with shock that she was confronted with the sight that greeted her. Bimpe couldn't believe that her husband of many years could stoop so low as to humiliate her the way he did. When he finally calmed her down, he left her speechless with his words. He apologised and admitted responsibility for his actions but had no regrets over it.
He added that he had no plans to kick neither of the women out. In fact he was ready to take Kike as a second wife. Bimpe is still reeling in shock and has asked for a divorce. Should Bimpe remain in her matrimonial home or go ahead with the divorce?

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