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He is too big

Anonymous post - Africa
Warning: content for adults.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months and we agreed that ours will be without sex until marriage. We got married about four days ago, and of course we were both eager for sex. Everything was perfect, until I took off his pants. He was huge like an horse. I am a small woman. Sex with him ever since then has always been very painful and it hurt so much each time. Besides, it's like I can't even match his sexual appetite.
What should I do? I definitely don't want to lose my marriage, but I can't handle his oversized organ.

Calm down. I am certain the situation is not as bad as you think. If sex hurts so badly first it may be
likely you are not producing enough lubricant, so buy additional artificial lubricant to prevent friction, pain and hurt. Then it may also be that you both are not spending enough time together during foreplay if you spend quite a good time with foreplay to become adequately aroused, sex will definitely be without much pain.

You said you have a petite statue yes this may explain for the narrow pelvic but I can assure you that after sometimes things would definitely get better. I would also like you to know that your Next time you and your husband are getting busy, take it slow. Have him lavish attention on all your hot spots, with plenty of genital touching and tongue teasing. And, make sure you apply some water-based lube to your vagina or his shaft right before he enters you. The reason you experienced such severe pain may probably be as a result of plain old fear. Which may make you anticipate discomfort causing your muscles - even your vaginal ones - to tense up, making penetration more difficult.
So, in addition to extended foreplay and extra lube, it might also help if he gives you a long, sensual all-over massage before intercourse, which will turn you on and mellow you out. You can also engage in the woman-on-top position because this position allows you control the depth of penetration you'll have an easier time accommodating his large penis.
Have him lie flat on his back and hover over him on your hands and knees while sliding him inside you. Move your hips in circular motions as you glide up and down, only going as deep as you can handle. Or, have him sit on a chair with no arms. Then simply straddle his lap, either facing toward him or away from him, and use your feet and thigh muscles to do the thrusting in and out.

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