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Somalia: Taking Control - Redemption

By AbdulMoti Sheikh Ahmed

I am a Somali and I am proud, I am a pirate not by choice, my food was stolen, my waters are crossed without regard to my existence, they call me a pirate, I call myself a tax collector, and a protector of my rights, and livelihood. Pirate? not proud of it but I had no choice.

I am a Somali and I am proud, I am a Somali, I realize my shortcomings, I caused my pain and I 
learned my lessons, I survived, hopeful I am, I am determine to let go the dark past, and welcome with open hands the bright future that I must seek. I set a side my pride, and welcome the help that comes from a brother, a friend or an old enemy. To me it is all the same, help is help at this point.

I realized I had no enemy but myself, I must take control of my fate, I destroyed what my forefathers build with their blood, they set the path for me to walk ahead and going forward was the path, I let them down and I felt the pain for only I to be blamed. My father had a dream, but never was his son to be a refugee, or die in the sea, chasing a mirage of a better life in far lands. That was never in the books or in the plans, they sacrificed for me to have the land they thought my freedom depended on. But again I forgot their aim, and burned it all.

But what is done is done. Time for me to wake up and feel the heat. And be kind to my people. Again one cannot dismiss the wisdom of Naomi Shihab’s poem, “Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things”

We lost a lot, things and people, it is time to shout “enough is enough” and build the country we once enjoyed, we march with one voice, “we make the land better for me and you”. We walk side by side, and lend a helping hand whoever in need.

That was my dream all along and now I aim to succeed and make it happen. I am a Somali and I am proud, there is no way I am turning back. My time has come to make a difference and ever lasting peace to gain.

I am a proud Somalian and I am here. I will survive.

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