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Weather and sex

By Funmi Akingbade (

Funmi Akingbade
At the beginning of the year the weather was so hot and electricity supply was not regular. Literally, you could see disappointment boldly written on the faces of people and the murmurings about how terribly hot the weather was. But for some few months now, the story has changed as it rains regularly. However, the wet season has had a positive effect on the sex lives of many couples.
Does a change in weather really affect sexual performance and libido? In order to get reasonable answers, my team of sex therapists took a survey of many couples via SMS, email, phone calls and street chats with a simple question: 'How does hot or cold weather affect your sex drive?'

The statistics do not only show the dynamic of human sexuality but also shows how culture and mindset can affect relationship and sexual performance of married couples.
Virtually 87 per cent of couples say hot weather decreases their sex drive, hampered their libido, makes sex a no-go area and kills their interest. Among many reasons why hot weather creates an anti-sexy environment is that many couples complain bitterly that most of their spouses sweat and smell irritably in hot weather. Amazingly, this is also the period when most people say STDs are more pronounced in their partners or when they are infected. This indicates that a hot or humid environment is a good breeding ground for most diseases. This is also the period when skin infections spread. Ironically, we found a small percentage of couples who indicated that their sex drive stays the same in wet or hot weather.

Many couples have more sex in the wet season, as they say the cold increases their sex drive tremendously. Well the reason is not far-fetched. Whenever it rains, the environment becomes peaceful, cool and cozy. Seven in 10 Nigerians say the weather affects their mood, and makes them want to stay near a comforting spouse.
Exposure to cold weather and a little sunlight elevates the production and secretion of melanocyte stimulating hormone, which has been linked to increased sex drive in women. This explains why women in particular crave for sex during the raining season. Serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter produced by the brain, may also be responsible for heightened mood and sex drive during the rainy season.
One particular wife said, 'To me, making love with the sound of rain outside is so romantic I always fantasise the rhythm of the rain with the thrusting in and out of my husband. It's so awesome. As his energy builds, there is also an improvement in the physical sexual pleasure within me. For me, the rain is a reflection of a sexual reunion. And each time it rains I make it a point of duty to seek numerous opportunities to improve our sexual experience and heighten the sensations. Even when there is no electricity supply, I'm equal to the task."

A male respondent said he noticed a big difference in his wife's sexual outlook since the rains began as "cold weather makes sex pretty soothing." When we ask his wife to elaborate, she said, "I just feel happier when it rains and sex keeps me warm. People's moods are enhanced by the calming effect of the rain."
"Cold weather equals hard nipples" was the instant response of one husband.
He added, "I look forward to any season that can make my wife shiver because it immediately makes her nipples hard. That is my best sex turn-on. Definitely when she is cold and she cuddles and warms up to me, that's really sexy. It gives us an excuse to stay in bed more than we normally would and that leads to passionate sex. I love the rainy season; it's the best season of the year."

Recalled a particular experience, he said, "There was a day my wife just got back home and she was soaked to her underwear. As soon as she dropped her bag, I picked her up. When her hard nipples touched my chest, I was lost in desire. After hot sex, we just curled up in each other's arms.
"The heat generated from our breathing drove her cold and sneezing away. We added some champagne and had a meal in bed. Really, nothing is sexier than this experience."
Another finding is that many women give birth few months after the rainy season. Is this because of the extra snuggling that comes with the cold weather, or is the mood-boosting chemical serotonin that also elevates reproduction? In general, people are more likely to be happy in cold weather than any other time of the year. Lastly, many respondents claimed they are more likely to reach an orgasm when they are cold than hot.

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