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21 Things Your Boyfriend Will Never Admit

Culled from The Guardian - Nigeria

Those boyfriends of us are darlings, but no angels. There are a few things that they keep hidden from us. Here are the 21 things your boyfriend will never admit.

1. I will NEVER say you became fat, even it's true
2. And I think some of the clothes you wear aren't nice
3. I often don't know what you're talking about, but I just nod yes
4. And sometimes it's really annoying to hold your hand
5. I will never tell you what I really think about your family
6. I find your best friend / sister / neighbour / ... quite attractive
7. Sometimes I dare to look at pretty women
8. And yes, sometimes I fantasize about someone else
9. I don't say no to sex, even though I didn't really want
10. And no, I really don't want to talk after sex
11. Yes, sometimes I will lie to you about your cooking
12. But I also don't have an idea of what I'm doing
13. Sometimes I like to watch a chick flick
14. But I also want to do something alone
15. Sometimes I text with a girlfriend, without telling it to you
16. And yes, sometimes I tell things about you to them
17. But I hate it when you are too well with a man
18. Sometimes I freak out if you don't immediately respond to my text
19. And yes, I'm afraid you're going to dump me
20. Because: I see you becoming sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter...

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