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'Never Knew Such Men Existed Till I Had A Personal Experience With My Husband'

~The Guardian

I was 21 years of age when I gained admission into the university in the Western region of Nigeria. Before then was when I met this man I am married to now. He has, if not all, the best quality any good man would have: God- fearing, intelligent, handsome to mention but a few. Even with the little he had he made sure he shared them with me. After he graduated and served, he got a job and further trained me in the university. He proposed to me in my second year and we finally got married in my final year in school.

The devil played his part during this period. There was this guy I was seeing. At first, I only took him as a friend. Along the line, he said he wouldn't mind being a fling and the result was that I got pregnant for this guy even though I just got married. I was so confused that I didn't know what to do, and I couldn't tell anybody, even my friend, because I could not just trust anybody. And terminating it would not be an option. I had to tell my husband I was pregnant for him even though I knew I was committing a very big sin.

He believed me without any doubt when I told him I was pregnant. I finally gave birth to a baby boy, but the amazing thing was that the new born baby never had any resemblance to neither my husband nor I. Although no eyebrow was raised, he accepted it and we lived happily. Deep down in my heart, I was really dying of conscience, because each time I looked at my child's face, I saw the look of the other man.

I gave birth to another son. Although he loved him, he seemed to love the first son more. Each time I looked at him, I wondered why he loved me so much. So one day, I decided to take the bold step by letting the cat out the bag because I couldn't keep on living in lies with a man that loves me so much. I know I had betrayed his love and trust for me, but I had to open up to him because I really love him so much. I didn't really know what came into me. I begged God for forgiveness and prayed God should guide my husband s decision while I open up to him.

On this fateful day, he got back from work. When he retired to the bed, I approached him. Firstly, I begged him to forgive me for what I would tell him. He said God forgives our sins, that why won't he forgive me. I opened up but before I could finish, he halted me and told me he had known all this while but kept quiet, that though he expected me to have told him, he knew it would be difficult. That he knew I had made a mistake but watched me all this while and see how I would make up for it. I was dumfounded and tears came out of my eyes. There and then I pondered: is there a man really with this kind of heart in this country?

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