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The Power of Words – You Become What You Say


THE power of words has often become debated as to how it can affect our lives. Most successful people tend to agree with the idea that you become what you say. Your words are a deeper reflection of what is going on inside your head. If you speak words of success and praise of yourself you tend to become just that. We will take a look at how words influence who we are.

Blessing or Condemnation – The words you speak can be a blessing on yourself or a condemning attitude that may hinder achieving goals in life. The power of words lies not just in their sounds and syllables but in the emotions that they conjure in your life. When you speak down upon yourself and talk of how you are not good or you will never be rich you draw emotions of despair. 
You then condemn yourself to a life of poverty and low self-esteem because this is what you allow yourself to believe. Those who have prospered and done amazing things for themselves had an amazing skill of never giving up. This does not come easy because life has a tendency to knock people to their knees. Those who tell themselves they are defeated will quit while those who only tell themselves positive things are more likely to keep moving forward when they are taking the hits from life. Every person can choose what they tell themselves so it is within every person's best interest to let themselves know they can win and have good things in their lives.

Encourage Yourself – We all know that words have the power to dishearten or can conjure extreme enthusiasm about something. If you have the talents and desire to accomplish something in your life than start with using powerful words and images that spark motivation. Remind yourself of the victories that you have experienced and you came out on top. Then remind yourself with words of how great you are at something or how determined you are. 
The best way to use words is when you mix them with emotions and let them spark enthusiasm in you for something great. Words alone have power and when you mix them with power visualizations they become a deadly weapon. They can either be good or bad depending on what you want. Those who are miserable tend to dwell only on disheartening words and always bring up past failures. This produces low self-esteem and is toxic to your morale. Meanwhile, a person of happiness blocks past failures after the lesson has been learned. Rather, they dwell on success they have enjoyed in life and remind themselves of how worthy they are for something. This equals the most powerful emotion a human can have: UNCONDITIONAL love for yourself. If you can achieve this than there is nothing within your skill level that is not obtainable.

In Conclusion – The power of words can prove to be very destructive or very motivating depending on what you want them to have. If you remove all limiting and damaging words from your vocabulary and head and move to a more positive place you can become your best friend. Choose your words carefully because they tend to become reality.

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