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Why Hot Women Are Single

~TheGuardian, Nigeria

One of this world's most interesting phenomenons is when hot women are single. If you're reading this, chances are you are you are hot and constantly wondering why you're single. Or you know someone who is.

There are countless women in the world who are gorgeous, smart, witty, and down to earth. But in as much as these women are thriving in their careers, extremely loyal to friends and family, and have glorious senses of self-worth, they still find themselves being asked one question over and again - How are you single?

Why are women who meet even the most standard definition of beauty, and seem to be perfect, struggling so much to find dates today? Like, no one is calling up these women to hang out, or sending them drinks or food. And they definitely don't have anyone to call up to come spend time with them on lonely nights.


1. She's no longer interested in dating just for the sake of it
As fun as casual dates can be, there are some people who no longer get any satisfaction from them. Maybe she would rather have one solid date than go on a thousand mediocre ones. It may not make a lot of sense to some people, but most women who feel this way just don't want to go out with a person they can't see themselves with in a long-term situation. While it may come across as being unnecessarily picky, but it's really just that she wouldn't want to waste her time or that of anyone else's.

2. She's done with her "hoe phase"
No, I don't think having casual, meaningless, no-strings-attached sex makes you a hoe. The "hoe phase" is simply a phase of liberated sexual exploration, as far as I'm concerned.
A hot woman who is still single is probably so because she has done all the exploration she wants to and is reading to stop having casual hook ups. Instead of dredging up more bad memories, she's ready to wait to have sex with someone she has real feelings for.

3. She doesn't feel empty
In life, we often feel like something is missing when we are thriving in every area of our life but one. Growing up, we've been made to believe the areas to focus on are career, family, health, romantic relationships, and friends. More often than not, someone who isn't really going out on a lot of dates may be perceived to be failing in that area. This isn't always the case. There are quite a number of single women who do not feel like they need a relationship to be complete. So, you're not going to find her going on countless dead-end dates, desperately trying to "fill a void".

4. She knows exactly what she wants.
After a considerably long amount of time in the dating scene, it's safe to say she has gained some understanding of what she wants in a long-term relationship. She's not ready to compromise her standards, and is tired of making exceptions for people who aren't worth it. Again, this might be interpreted as being picky and difficult, but it doesn't do anyone any good to just settle.

5. Maybe she keeps meeting people who are afraid of commitment
Guys can recognize a woman who isn't looking to mess around and is very certain about what she wants out of a relationship. As much as this is a turn on for most men, there are those who aren't quite ready to commit just yet and so opt out of even beginning a relationship in the first place. In cases like this, sister just has to wait for the right guy to come along.

That's my opinion on why some hot women are single. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a beautiful single woman who is enjoying her life and perfectly happy.

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