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How to know when you are ovulating for easier conception

Written by Bridget Osho
~Vanguard, Nigeria. Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Natural Fertility:

SO today, I am going to be answering one very frequently asked question that people always ask me. It’s when to know you are ovulating by counting the numbers of days. So people asked me questions like 'my period started on the 10th of this month, when am I likely to ovulate?'My answer to that is, I don’t believe in counting the days when you ovulate because even if your cycle is regular, you do not necessarily ovulate on the same day of your cycle.

If you have a 28 days cycle, you might not always ovulate on the 14th or 13th, so that’s not the right way to know if you are ovulating. So many people think they aren’t ovulating because when they count and do the test using the ovulation predictor test kit and the results are negative, so they simply assume that they aren’t ovulating.

Are you ovulating?

The best way to know if or when you are ovulating is to chart your cycle everyday. So by this I mean you get a digital thermometer and you check your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up from bed. What you are trying to find out is your body’s average temperature without any activity, because when you ovulate, you release an egg and your progesterone levels increase.

Your body temperature

Progesterone will always increase your body temperature, so if you have been charting your cycle everyday and making note of the numbers you get, you will find out that there are certain days your temperature will be higher.The first day that your temperature is higher means you have ovulated the previous day. So if you are somebody who have been charting her cycle regularly, you will be able to find the pattern that works for you.

So you might find out that you do ovulate on the 11th or for example ovulate between the 13th and the 15th day of your cycle. Counting the days is not always accurate for most people and it causes a lot of headache and fear and panic that they aren’t ovulating.But once you chart your cycle everyday, you will find the results more accurate.Have you tried charting your temperature before? What was your experience? 

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