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It's amazing what a lover's money can do to a man's social status!

~Vanguard, Sunday, June 12, 2016

THE scene was set for seduction. The dining table almost creeked with artistically crafted food dishes all wafting appetizing aroma. The plates were patterned Wedgewood and the spoons pure stainless steel with gold tips. A bottle of wine sat in a bucket at a corner of the table, and Jola, the hostess, was a sight to behold. She had on a negligee without bothering with a house-coat, and her two breasts stood up defiantly.

Even in her mid-30s, her boobs belied the fact that she'd had two children. "My late husband never encouraged me to breast-feed," she explained, "he said my breasts were solely for him and since infants have alternatives, I should feed my kids on the best brand of baby milk. Money was no problem afterall … " In a corner of her tastefully furnished living-room sat Frank. He too was in his 30s; a single father. Jola became widowed a few years ago.

A part from the money her husband left for her, she is a woman of substance in her own right and of almost impeccable pedigree. Frank, on the other hand, is a personnel manager of a small textile firm. They both met at a mutual friend's party and Jola made a play for Frank - otherwise, he wouldn't have dared propositioning her. It was Jola who invited him to dinner – and now here he was. I was obviously a ~ spare tyre, but curious as hell!

Frank's eyes first darted to the exquisite bikini pants that were outlined, sexily by the negligee; then to Jola's erect breasts and his eyes grew rounder and rounder. The food items that were served were delicious but you could see Jola was eager to get rid of me, I took a few things to the kitchen and she came after me. She urged me to take home as much food in packs as I wanted and leave her alone with Frank. As 1 obliged, she slipped a bottle of chilled wine in the carrier bag and told me to enjoy it at home - I got the message. I was a bit baffled by all the seduction scene and her not seeing things through in my presence! Some few months later, I was invited to a birthday party at Jola's. That party was for Frank who has now moved in with her. I couldn't believe the transformation that came over Frank.

He looked stunningly attractive in the gear Jola kitted him with down to his expensive shoes. He was the perfect host too – chatting and smiling at everybody and topping up glasses where necessary, then they both disappeared for about 15 minutes.

"I bet they're at it again," sneered one of the female guests, "our friend is a dog. She makes love everywhere and anywhere the mood catches her!" As a result of this declaration, all eyes were on the couple when they came out of the bedroom. Jola's eyes looked flushed, Frank, who was still new at the game looked a bit embarrassed as obscene remarks were made. Jola didn't give a hoot as she continued having a ball. She looked defiant! "If you invest money in a high, it should give you a kick," Jola whispered later when we were alone. "You see how Frank is now – what every woman prays for – and he is a stud on top of it all!

"When I first visited his flat, I couldn't believe what I saw. He shared it with a friend who had a young sister living with him. Frank's younger brother was there too. The place was filthy. I would die if I were to make love in that room! The sheets looked as if they hadn't been washed for weeks! So, of course, we went to my place. We all know that when

a man lives alone and asks you up to his apartment, it is usually for just one thing. Somehow, it is different if you invite him to your apartment for a meal or a drink. You are in control and whatever happens seems natural and not planned. So even though 1 didn't plan a seduction that night, I didn't rule out the possibility as 1 ushered him in. "He was a pleasant discovery. That guyknows how to make your scalp tingle with desire. It was an effort to eventually release him to go home but I knew he would have to move in with me. When the rent of his flat became due, I gave him his share of the two years' rent. Then I took his

car, which had broken down for months, to the garage and even he didn't believe his eyes when he saw the finished product! It would have been cheaper to buy a second hand car but you've got to give a man his pride. This way, his friends and relations would think he still has his old car – not a new one bought for him by his moneybag! That he only spent a small fortune to refurbish it.

"I wouldn't have had the courage to do what I did if I hadn't noticed it was now the norm. A few of my friends have live-in-lovers. If you can invest money on comforts why not on a pleasurable thing like a man who "- knows what to do in the bedroom? Frank already has two children who live with his mum, so he is not under pressure to get married.

"We visit the children regularly and they too have benefited enormously from this relationship. His mother worships the earth I walk on and I am really contented. I even set her up with a small kiosk in front of her house where she sells bits and pieces.

"I don't think about the future though, I'm extremely fond of Frank but I'm not under the illusion that we'll get married. I definitely don't want to get married again. I just pray that we stay together long enough for me to reap the fruits of my investments. My relationship with Frank has opened my eyes to the fact that life outside marriage is not a loveless

wilderness. So, if Frank eventually wants to try marriage, as I know one day he might, he is free to go. With a bit of luck, another hunk might just replace him … 

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