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Glaring signs your partner is toxic for you

~The SUN Nigeria. Monday, July 17, 2017.

To fall in love is to have your heart beating for someone, with no explanations and no predicting signs. It happens in a heartbeat and could last a lifetime. You looked at that certain someone and knew that he or she was the one. That is all it takes actually. Love flows naturally. But it can be heartbreaking to find out that your fairytale might turn into hell.
Do any of these seemingly innocent scenarios remind you of your current relationship? It means your boo is toxic and you need to distance yourself from them immediately.

They don't respect you
When your partner respects you, then they respect what you do and who you are. They know your worth and appreciate how valuable you are. It's not okay to cheat on you. It is wrong for them to insult you whether in front of people or just between you two. It's not acceptable. That's respect being lost right there.

They don't trust you
If your partner's actions are suspicious and they claim it's because they are just jealous or care too much about you, you need to draw a line between jealousy and lack of trust. Lovers should trust each other. If you try to fix their lack of trust and it continues, then that is probably something you can't help them with.

They make you doubt yourself
If they make you think that you are not good enough all the time, that you should be happy they are with you, then you must put an end to that relationship. The truth is you are good enough and sometimes it just takes the right person to see it. Loving them was good enough and if they can't see that they might as well not deserve it.

They stand in your way
If your partner doesn't support you or help you reach your dreams, walk away. If they trivialize your dreams, then maybe it's time you envision how your life can be without them. You need to decide if they are an encouragement or a setback in your life. When they don't believe in you like they should, stay away from that toxic relationship.

They keep hurting you
Whether they do it physically or emotionally, it's unacceptable. Again, please, don't confuse supremacy with love. If you realized that they hurt you in any way, just leave. When you get into a relationship, you attempt to heal each other not break each other. You don't need anyone who continues to break you, especially not a partner.

They don't appreciate your presence
What is love between two people if not a desire to age together and be together till death do them part? So, if they don't feel the same way about you or don't care if they saw you leaving then why bother and stay. You must be sure your partner craves you in his journey and no one else. That is a passion for one another that some people fail to keep in a relationship for too long. So if you noticed that it's not there, start asking yourself and your partner if it ever was.

They don't make an effort
You two must be willing and pulling an effort to make your relationship work, not just one of you. But if you already tried to grab their attention to what you want them to observe and they act like they don't care, move on with your life. If you have told them what interests you, and they still didn't care to help you with that, that is a big sign to let them go.

They make you feel uncomfortable
You don't have to be with someone just because they are good. There are lots of people who stay in relationships just because their partners are good people and leaving them would hurt them. They stay in a relationship they don't like. They are not happy and they don't make their partners happy either. If you are no longer comfortable with your partner, talk to them, break up amicably so that both of you can move on peacefully.

You feel like you are losing yourself when you are with them
If you have to change yourself to suit your partner, that love is toxic. If it feels like you wear a permanent mask because you can't be yourself then it's probably time to go. The highest level of happiness is to find someone who really loves you, who loves you for what you are, or more precisely, in spite of what you are. A real lover wouldn't change you and wouldn't let you lose yourself also.

Small things set them off
If little things throw your partner into fits of rage, then you need to leave that toxic relationship. If they throw tantrums when you relate well with the opposite sex, they are possessive and not good for you. If they exhibit extreme insecurity and jealousy, take that as a sign to delete the drama before it gets out of hand.

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