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Bizzare things some women do for love

~The SUN Nigeria. Sunday, April 29, 2018.

This is the most chilling message I have ever received via email. Someone sent it to me, highlighting how he abused, humiliated and tormented a lady who showed him nothing but love and loyalty.

The message reads: “I met her when she was 24 years old and she fell in love with me. She was gainfully employed. I am four years older than her and I also work.

She never turns down any of my requests, including anal sex even when she can’t stand the pain, neither does she argue with me. She would rather cry or be withdrawn. With that attitude, I saw her as a weak woman who has no mind of her own. Everything I said was right.

She has her own apartment and only visits me when I invite her. She does all my laundry and cleaning, including ironing my clothes on weekends. I am mostly nice when I want her to do my chores or have sex with her, after then, I treat her like garbage.

To her, I was her man, but to me, she was just one of those girls I keep around to help tidy my house and quench my sexual urge for free.

She never asks me for money in whatever guise, though I try to buy her gifts sometimes. Even when I give her money for grocery, I know she spends more of her money in the market and she makes all kinds of soups for me. She is such a fantastic cook and that was the reason I kept her around.

My anger and insensitivity took another turn when she visited my house one Saturday unannounced. I didn’t pick her calls nor replied her messages two days at a stretch.

And she came to my house uninvited. Unfortunately, there was another woman in my house. It was the reason I wasn’t picking her calls for those two days.

I pounced on her, gave her the beating of her life and pushed her out of my gate. Amidst all the beating I was giving, her she didn’t insult nor raise her voice, she was just crying for the physical pain I was inflicting on her.

I made sure I humiliated her so she never makes the mistake of showing up at my house uninvited next time. I didn’t feel bad for what I did, I never called nor texted her either afterwards.

A few days later, I got a text from her explaining why she came to my house uninvited. She feared that something bad might have happened, considering she always makes my food for the week every Saturday, she just checked to know if all was well.

Her text calmed me. I called her and arrogantly apologized. I then paid her visit. Immediately she saw me, she ran into my arms crying like a child. She was broken and couldn’t look into my eyes. I felt sorry for what I did to her but didn’t show it. We made peace and I left.

That first beating I gave her gave room for more. I will hit her at the slightest provocation. I would get angry about things I should naturally not even get angry at in the first place. She became more afraid of me and unhappy. She was always quiet, yet she refused to leave me alone.

I once walked out on her at a dinner I invited her to. I yelled at her in public, picked up my car keys and drove off. How she got to her house that night I didn’t know and I didn’t care.

Yet, she will always reach out to me to apologize for upsetting me even when it should be the other way round.

This beautiful lady who loved me like crazy suffered these inhuman treatments and yet she never left.

Our last encounter was when I invited her to the house to do my chores one Saturday. While she was at it, I left the house to hang out with friends and only returned around 11pm. She served my dinner which I ate.

Before I knew what was happening, she knelt down to plead with me to not hit her if she tells me what she was about to say. I promised to not hit her and she brought out one of my shirts that got burnt while she was ironing it.

I was enraged because that was the most expensive of all my shirts. I started hitting every part of her body. I gathered everything that belonged to her in my house and flung them out of the gate. I pushed her out of my compound and locked my gate. This was at about 12 a.m.

I went back into my house. I cared less if she died, got raped or survived. As far as I was concerned, it was good riddance to absolute rubbish.”

According to this guy who sent me this message, the young lady lost her mind. She’s now mentally unstable and on medication.

Would you call her sticking around through this torture virtuous? A lot of women are in marriages and relationships where they are being verbally and physically abused daily, yet they remain in them, hoping and praying for their men to change.

Some women have lost their lives while others have their sanity enduring toxic and abusive relationships. It’s sad that women fail to accept when they are not wanted. They keep holding on to failed relationships and marriages.

Ladies, once a man has turned your heart to a play station, move on. I know it is not easy to let go but if your man humiliates you, treats you like garbage and you decide to stay, it is not love or loyalty but a clear case of stupidity and Stockholm syndrome.

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