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Reasons Mr Right may never show up

Written by Blessing Adeyemo - Nigeria 

The issue of marriage is an important one which many people value greatly. For the woman, it is sometimes seen as important because of parental pressure. There is the usual perception that most ladies who remain unmarried till they are well over 30 are no longer 'wife material' and their chances of remaining single for life increase. As a result of the stigma society bequeaths them, there is the tendency for single women to become desperate. However, sometimes, ladies also play a part in discouraging the finding of a significant other. Below are some of the possible reasons:

The modern day lady is more selective than what obtains in olden times. This is because parents no longer retain exclusive rights in giving them out in marriage. For this, they reject a lot of suitors for various reasons, including men being below their standards, physical appearance, financial status, age, religion, tribe, etc. It is okay to be selective but a lady can increase her chances by being less selective.

Career lifestyle
Most men tend to prefer women who work less and have time for the home. A woman needs to slow down on work and have time for other things that would ensure a successful marriage.

Social media distraction
Nowadays, some ladies are too busy texting and chatting with their smart phones and hardly have enough time to focus on getting the right partner. Also, some ladies see celebrities and the euphoria of what they present as their lifestyle and prefer to use that as a yardstick for their lives. With this attitude, it becomes difficult to cope with the reality and this may further delay a woman in terms of finding the right partner.

Spending too much time with strangers
No man would want to propose marriage to a lady whose phone is always buzzing with unserious calls. You may not be a playgirl, but he would judge you as one, and will likely flee at the slightest chance he gets.

Not financially supportive
A lady should be willing to think and work towards equipping herself in order to add value to the marriage. Adding value to marriage isn't necessarily by contributing money or giving expensive gifts. Other ways include giving good counsel, being your spouse's best friend, helping him attain his goals in life, lending him moral, mental and spiritual support, and not being a liability.

Poor packaging
In the attempt to look appealing, a lady has to take care not to come across as appalling. Dressing style determines who gets attracted to one most times. If one dresses high school, only high school-thinking guys will be attracted, and if you dress provocatively, only randy men will be interested. There is a line between decent and excess. Too much may be a turn off for some eligible bachelors. Modesty is key.

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