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Unhappy about your manhood? Lose some weight!

Written by Bukola Adebayo - Nigeria

The outcome of a 2015 study by scientists at the Kings College, London, has brought to the spotlight the discourse about the safety of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction and penis enhancers.

The scientists in the largest study on this subject matter, who used the data of over 15,000 men from 20 studies, discovered that the size of a man's penis could affect his levels of satisfaction during sex on the basic level.

They are, however, quick to note that it's only the psychological perception of the man with the less than average size of penis that is affected. Not that they actually did not get any pleasure from sex. Rather, according to the study, 55 per cent of the men were dissatisfied with the length and size of their penis.

Let's face it, many men worry at times about the size of their penis, and also nurse the notion that they may not measure up to their partners' expectation because of this.
Doctors say it is a big problem because most men that have this challenge are less likely to seek advice from the physician on this subject. They are less likely to confide in their spouses either. But they are most likely to turn to the Internet or seek the counsel of quacks, who will always dangle 'solutions' for it.

But the British professors note that for every erectile, size or ejaculation problem that a man has, there is always a solution, but it is not in the use of drugs.
Consultant Urologist, Dr. Temitayo Shashore, says men must do away with creams, herbs, enhancers and pills that promise to make the penis larger, as they could even leave it deformed at the end of the day.
Shashore says, "All those creams, pills, treatments and surgeries that promise to give you a way longer, stronger penis are just lies. In fact, it's just like trying to make your hand grow longer. It is virtually impossible.
"Most men who use enhancers to make the penis bigger will later discover that it actually stops it from working most of the time. Most of them start off with a physical problem of size, when all their efforts fail, it becomes a psychological problem and a deformed penis and a lot more psychological trouble."

The urologist says rather than deforming the penis with pills and creams, living a healthy life that would lower cholesterol levels can visually improve the penis size and performance to increase satisfaction.
According to him, a man with potbelly or fat thighs may not measure up below the average because of the size of his belly against the size and positioning of the penis during lovemaking.

"When you have excess fat around your pubic area and stomach, it could make your penis seem smaller to the individual looking at himself and also to the spouse.
"It may also affect the positioning of the penis into the vagina. You won't reach the clitoris because of the belly obstruction. If you lose weight, you can actually gain an inch or two because the pubic fat would be less.
"So, if you've noticed a little extra weight around that area, losing weight might come with the added bonus of looking bigger. And because you are now fit, you will have a more visible and durable erection, which will make it look like it is bigger and sex becomes more pleasurable for both of you," Shashore says.

An Australian study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that losing just five to 10 per cent of body weight over a two-month period improved the erectile function – and revved up the sex drive – of obese men.
Experts say the findings are yet another reminder that obesity and erectile dysfunction often go hand in hand; and that cutting down on meat, sugary and fatty foods would keep your woman more satisfied and by your side.

"Excess weight – especially excess belly fat – can affect sexual function in many ways. It can interfere with the body's ability to supply blood to the penis, for instance, and it can cause testosterone (the male and sexual hormone) levels to drop to a very low level.
"The most important way that excess weight drags down a man's sex life is by affecting the health of his blood vessels and the lining of the vessels (known as the endothelium), while fat appears to damage the endothelium. And when the endothelium doesn't work properly, the penis may not get enough blood to produce or sustain an erection," the scientists explain.

For many years, men have been asking themselves how they could make their penis bigger with home remedies. They want the bragging rights of having the largest penis in the locker room.
No man really wants to be the "short guy" in the room and experts say that apart from losing weight, another guaranteed trick you can play on your spouse that would make you seem bigger than you are is trimming of pubic hair.
According to them, reducing pubic hair allows the entire penis to show, which in turn gives the appearance.

Let us not forget the message of the scientist; it is the technique, not the size, that pleasures both partners. In your quest for bigger, please don't harm yourself!

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