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Revealed! Curvy women enjoy sex more than slim ones

Written by Tunde Ajaja - Nigeria

Curvy women, or simply put, women with sexually attractive physique are a delight to most men anytime. It is a given that many men skip breath when they see such women, especially those with large breasts and big butts.

For some men, it really does not have anything to do with how beautiful or otherwise the women are, but a lot to do with their body composition.
The story seems slightly different when these women are compared to their counterparts who are skinny and are not well endowed in those areas, as men rarely find them attractive.
Curvy women, by simple definition, refer to women with large butts, big breasts and pleasing curves. Some like to refer to them as buxom women while some call them plus size, but in all, they have what many men crave for.

A study has found that buxom women have a more satisfying sex life, that is, they enjoy sex and have better sex experience than those who are thinner. Notably, the difference in their sexual experience was traced to their belief in how sexy and attractive they are, which breeds confidence, rather than how fat or thin they are.
The study also found out that men who have sex with them do enjoy it more than when they have it with skinny women.

The study was carried out by a popular online dating site,, and it found that curvy women have the most sex, their partners enjoy sex with them compared to having sex with thinner women, and that the women themselves enjoy sex.
In the study, published on, the researchers studied 2,000 women to know if there is any connection between size and confidence in bed. The participants were told to have sex once a week.

Thus, they split them according to their body shape (whether skinny or curvy) and asked them certain questions concerning their sexual experience. It was then found that only 15 per cent were proud of their bodies, 40 per cent were unsatisfied with their sex life, while 33 per cent said they did not see themselves as attractive. And, at least 70 per cent said their confidence in their body grew with age.
Beyond these, curvy women were most satisfied with their sexual experience compared with slim women.

It was also found that such women were happier with themselves and generally with life while skinny women appeared to be the least happy with their lives.
One of the researchers, Tina West, who is a dating consultant, said they found that when women have confidence in their body shape, as do curvy women, usually, it influences their happiness level and how they feel other men perceive them. The confidence also increases with age.

West said, "Of course, a lot more goes into our moods and how satisfied we are with our lives than just the way we look, and curvy women had the most positive results overall. It's interesting to see the correlation between a woman's happiness levels and how she perceives her own body.

"When a woman doesn't feel good about herself, that can impact her physical relationships – whether it's confidence in meeting new people or even how intimate she is with her partner. Finding someone who genuinely appreciates you for you, both in body and personality is the best foundation for a healthy, happy and satisfying relationship.
"However, what matters is feeling confident with your shape and having a partner who loves and responds to the way you look. Noteworthy is the fact that whether we feel a bit wobbly, too thin or just generally unsexy, women of all sizes struggle to appreciate themselves and their own shape, no matter what category they fall into."

It was also learnt that curvy women are generally happy with their lives because they know that they have what men want, thus, they do not need much effort to impress or find a mate. Such women also do admit that having such a body saves them the thought of having to improve on certain body parts to astound men, which to a large extent, gives them an advantage over the skinny ones.
Beyond the sexual advantage that men presumably hope to derive from curvy women, previous studies have shown that there are many other accompanying benefits for being curvy.

A study by some scientists from the University of Oxford found that women with big butts are more likely to give birth to children that have higher level of intelligence because they produce more Omega 3 fatty acids, which promote foetal brain development in the third trimester of pregnancy, compared to the children of less curvy mothers.
The fat, which these women carry in their thighs and backsides, also provide some protection against diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Also, some sociologists from Chicago found that women with large breasts are more intelligent than those with small ones, due to the higher sex hormone.
It is also pertinent to highlight some reasons why curvy women are the best partners in bed. According to the study, curvy women usually have big boobs, which most men find attractive and such women have big butts, more flesh and softer touch than their skinny counterparts. Beyond these, buxom women are a big turn on for men and they are very confident.

Responding to the study, a professor of psychology, University of Lagos, Oni Fagboungbe, said that beyond the size factor that the researchers laid emphasis on, the extent to which people would enjoy sex depends on their individual skills and preferences.
Even though he faulted the non-inclusion of the men in the findings, which he described as "an intervening variable that cannot be ignored," he explained that not all men prefer fat women, and that how much a woman (whether fat or skinny) would enjoy sex with a man depends largely on whether the man has the necessary skills.

He said, "One thing that cannot be ruled out is the skill of the individual. Some skinny women know how to twist their body than curvy women during sex and they would enjoy it more. From interactions with people, we have discovered that men who prefer curvy women do so because of their outlook (beauty) and social acceptance by people when they go out, but when it comes to sex, they prefer the slim ones. Their fleshy body could even be a disturbance, according to some of them.

"So, it's about individual's preferences. Some naturally prefer fatty women with big busts while some don't like it, and what you prefer has a probability of getting you excited and increase your sexual agility. So, it's not about the size."

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