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Are today's women trying to out-do men in quest for sex?

~Vanguard, Nigeria.

ARE today's women trying to out-do the men in their quest for sex? When we accuse some men of being lechers, isn't their success to do with the connivance of their 'victims'? When I came across a recent story of the nightmare a young man.

Andy said he went through in the hands of her fiancee's mum and grandma, I was lost for words. According to him: "I had a wonderful fiancee and we were saving up to rent a flat together. I was very happy with my life. Then something happened to change that.

"It began when my fiancee asked me to help her decorate her mother's house. We both took the day off work and threw ourselves into the job. Halfway through, she got a phone call from the office, asking her to go in. I felt bad leaving her mum to decorate alone, so I offered to stay and finish it off. I worked hard all day. My fiancee's mum was delighted and suggested toasting her new-look home with a drink. She opened a bottle of wine. We both had a couple of glasses and I began to feel tipsy. What happened next took me by surprise. One minute we were admiring the room, the next we were kissing passionately. We stumbled upstairs to the bedroom and into bed...

"A little while later, I heard a creaking sound. I glanced up to see my fiancee's grandmother popping her head round the door. She looked shocked but put her finger to her lips, then disappeared. Her daughter didn't notice a thing. A few minutes went by, then the front door opened and shut loudly and we heard my fiancee's grandmother calling hello. Her daughter leapt out of bed, threw her clothes on and told me to come down in 10 minutes. I did as she asked and said I'd better be off. My fiancee's grandmother insisted on giving me a lift. I couldn't refuse.

"As we got into her car, she started to laugh. She told me not to worry, that she wouldn't say a thing. She said if I did her a small 'favour' then she'd lose her memory": We arrived at her home and went inside. I asked where she wanted me to start decorating but she ignored me. Instead, she began telling me that she hadn't been with a man for many years. That even though she had vibrators, she missed the 'human touch'.
Suddenly, I realized what she was asking of me. I was horrified but knew she'd tell my fiancee if I didn't agree. I thought that once it was over, I could put it all to the back of my mind and forget about it. I was wrong.

"Now I have two women constantly pestering me for sex. They won't give up. They keep inventing excuses for me to go to their homes to 'help out'. It looks mean if I don't go, but once there, I'm cornered. My fiancee is starting to suspect that something is wrong but she'd never guess the truth. The guilt is overwhelming. I desperately want to tell her but I know it would spell the end of our relationship. I love my fiancee so much and I'm desperate not to lose her. Is there a way out for me, or have I ruined any chance of a happy future with the woman I love? .. " My first reaction was to laugh. Who did this adventurer think he was kidding? Did he genuinely believe that if he didn't bonk his fiancee's grand-mother, she would let it slip about his being caught in bed with her own daughter? And risk being condemned by both daughter and grand-daughter? Please!

I recently shared Andy's experience with a male friend of mine, expecting him to be appalled by Andy's recklessness. He told me he was actually bemused by my indignance. "Women are equally wayward when it comes to the grand seduction," he told me flatly. "You hear of the devoted wife and mother who constantly sleeps with her father-in-Iaw, or the disgruntled ex-wife who still bonks her ex's much older uncle years after the break-up of her marriage. The uncle makes sure she never wants for anything financially and even if the ex finally gets a whiff of the scandal, there's nothing he could do except make a lot of noise."

When if comes to sex, he affirms, your best bet is to get it wherever you can and with whomever you can as long as the chemistry is right! I'm still trying to get that round my head!

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